Experiential Marketing Brings Product Familiarity

Many marketing professionals would agree that connecting people with products so as to create customers is not as easy as it sounds. With the popularity of the AMC show Mad Men, there has been some renewed interest in the often shadowy world of the men and women who try to create the perfect catch phrase so as to separate Mr. and Mrs. Public from their hard-earned money. But one drawback to Mad Men is that, being set in the 1960s, the advertising world it depicts is quite a bit out of date. This is not to say that brainstorming over slogans and print ads is a bygone phenomenon, because those are still worthwhile endeavours. But newer techniques have emerged to compliment the "old way" of doing things, often with great success. One such new technique is experiential marketing.

In a nutshell, experiential marketing might be considered simply the art of manufacturing a live experience between some members of the public and whatever product or service is meant to be sold. In other words, rather than an ad, people get their hands on the product itself. This creates an immediacy that does not rely on the person experiencing the product to seek it out themselves (having seen an ad and, hopefully, having been persuaded that it might be something they want); there it is, in their hands. Guided by trained personnel who will stage-manage the experience, the goal is to engage the potential customer directly and - if everything works out right - turn them into an actual customer immediately.

Obviously, more traditional ad campaigns will have a much wider reach than a live demonstration or event. This being the case, the kind of work done by the typical Experiential Marketing Agency Toronto has trades quantity (of eyeballs) for quality, with a more focused approach designed to be deployed in a "target-rich environment" of favourable demographics. This can be done using the right location, such as a university campus, or by staging an event that draws in the type of customer you hope to reach, such as a concert or beach party. If the potential customers are already self-selected, your experiential marketing effort will get a real boost.

Experiential marketing efforts require careful planning in order to achieve maximum results. The staff must be thoroughly prepared in order to overcome all likely objections. Supplementary materials for takeaway and supporting technologies (such as online resources, including social media support) must all be up and running so that the experience is not only immediate, but sustained.

If you are a GTA business curious to see in experiential marketing can work for you, contact a Toronto event marketing agency to learn more.