Give Your Business A Boost With Free Email Marketing Packages

Sending your offer by email is fast and easy and allows reaching a wide audience at the click of a mouse. With free email marketing packages you don't need to spend a fortune to launch a marketing campaign on the Internet. The article explores a few benefits of free Internet marketing packages.

Sending to hundreds of contacts

One of the main advantages of email marketing is that you can deliver your offer to a great number of recipients at once. If you are a beginner in the business world and your contact list doesn't have thousands of entries, you can benefit from free Internet marketing packages which allow sending messages up to 500 contacts. When your contact lists expands, you can easily switch to packages with more advanced options.

Tracking emails

Having sent emails, it's important to keep track of them which can also be done with free email marketing packages. They enable automatic bounce handling to avoid sending to the bounced address in future. There are also enhanced tracking systems which allow checking whether emails have been opened and whether recipients have clicked on the links attached. All results are delivered as a graphical representation.

Easy email building

Using email templates is a good solution for those who need to send repetitive emails on a constant basis. Instead of spending hours tailoring each email and personalising your message for each respondent, you can build a template in a couple of clicks. With special Drag-&-drop Editor tools email building and editing becomes a piece of cake. You can take advantage of this tool having applied for a free email marketing package. Besides, an additional benefit is that handling this template building tool doesn't require HTML or coding skills and allows personalising your emails.

Efficient spam checking

Lots of Internet users receive unsolicited emails; a number of them are blocked by email filters. When launching an email marketing campaign, you need to take measures to prevent your emails from being classified as spam. Spam messages are those which can be sent to a great number of recipients as they don't feature any personalisation. There are a few ways how to make your email pass through filters safely: using meaningful subjects, writing quality content and checking the final result with a spam checker. Applying for a free email marketing package, you receive a standard in-built spam checking program which allows you to see whether your message can be delivered to its addressee.

Easy campaign management

Your email marketing campaign can be managed at the touch of a button if you are using best-of-breed software. Having prepared your campaign, you don't necessarily have to launch it straightaway as it can be scheduled to be started in the future. If you want to pause your campaign, you can do it with the help of special button. Email marketing campaign management is as easy as ever but if you still have any questions you can find the answers in online FAQ and help sections. If you are new to email marketing, free email marketing packages may come in handy giving you an understanding about how things work.