Measuring Roi On Social Network

Measuring ROI on social networking channels may seem a bit difficult, especially if you define the current economic return of your activities on social in terms of sales completed.

The truth is that it's very rare to have purchases directly from social media, their current role from a marketing point of view it is not to sell directly to the customer, but to strengthen the corporate brand and increase what in jargon is called Brand reputation.

The best way to measure the success of your brand on social media is through monitoring the number and type of visitors (or followers).

People who usually visit your pages on social media indicators are safer and more useful because they tell you the exact number and the interest there is in the arguments you're dealing with.

Here are the indicators to be monitored in the various Social Media:

Facebook / MySpace: Number of fans / friends, number of comments a day / week / month, number of threads started by fans.

Twitter: Number of Followers qualified, skilled I mean real people and not automated software ..., number of re-tweets.

Blogging: Number of comments, number of users who are registered to your RSS feed, number of incoming links, number of re-tweets.

Forum: Number of new members, number of posts per day, number of new topics per week, number of active members each month.

Video / Photo: Number of visits, number of comments, the indices of display, number of friends or new entries.

All these kinds of interactions can reveal much, not only in terms of numbers. For example, through the comments to your posts in the various channels you can tell if your audience is really interested in what you write.

Moreover, your visitors can provide the necessary feedback to strengthen your brand and build your own personality online. Such information is invaluable for your business and in most cases it may be useful to increase your ROI.

The ultimate goal obviously is to convert your visitors into paying customers. This can only achieve by cultivating relations of trust, respect and admiration with a persuasive communication and "magnetic".

An effective social media strategy to attract, qualify and condition your visitors through the publication of high-quality content. Do not just send a message to the event on twitter, tried to be as original and make a real contribution to the site letting them know that you have something important to say.

You can tell if your content is of quality by the number of your followers or your contacts on Facebook. If you do not leave the field with time you will notice that an increase of these will be followed by an increase in sales conversions.

I really hope that this will serve to grow more and more your business.