Give Your Business A Boost With Free Email Marketing Packages

Sending your offer by email is fast and easy and allows reaching a wide audience at the click of a mouse. With free email marketing packages you don't need to spend a fortune to launch a marketing campaign on the Internet. The article explores a few benefits of free Internet marketing packages.

Sending to hundreds of contacts

One of the main advantages of email marketing is that you can deliver your offer to a great number of recipients at once. If you are a beginner in the business world and your contact list doesn't have thousands of entries, you can benefit from free Internet marketing packages which allow sending messages up to 500 contacts. When your contact lists expands, you can easily switch to packages with more advanced options.

Tracking emails

Having sent emails, it's important to keep track of them which can also be done with free email marketing packages. They enable automatic bounce handling to avoid sending to the bounced address in future. There are also enhanced tracking systems which allow checking whether emails have been opened and whether recipients have clicked on the links attached. All results are delivered as a graphical representation.

Easy email building

Using email templates is a good solution for those who need to send repetitive emails on a constant basis. Instead of spending hours tailoring each email and personalising your message for each respondent, you can build a template in a couple of clicks. With special Drag-&-drop Editor tools email building and editing becomes a piece of cake. You can take advantage of this tool having applied for a free email marketing package. Besides, an additional benefit is that handling this template building tool doesn't require HTML or coding skills and allows personalising your emails.

Efficient spam checking

Lots of Internet users receive unsolicited emails; a number of them are blocked by email filters. When launching an email marketing campaign, you need to take measures to prevent your emails from being classified as spam. Spam messages are those which can be sent to a great number of recipients as they don't feature any personalisation. There are a few ways how to make your email pass through filters safely: using meaningful subjects, writing quality content and checking the final result with a spam checker. Applying for a free email marketing package, you receive a standard in-built spam checking program which allows you to see whether your message can be delivered to its addressee.

Easy campaign management

Your email marketing campaign can be managed at the touch of a button if you are using best-of-breed software. Having prepared your campaign, you don't necessarily have to launch it straightaway as it can be scheduled to be started in the future. If you want to pause your campaign, you can do it with the help of special button. Email marketing campaign management is as easy as ever but if you still have any questions you can find the answers in online FAQ and help sections. If you are new to email marketing, free email marketing packages may come in handy giving you an understanding about how things work.

Send Thoughtful Mothers Day Gifts To India To Your Mom

Mother?s Day is a perfect occasion to shower our lovely mom with lovely gifts and love. In fact choosing an ideal gift for your mother is not-too-daunting task today, thanks to the thriving online gift space with a dream assembly of tempting gifts.

So, this Mother?s day go ahead and thank all the women in your life who have been the pillar of support all through your growing years, your grandmother, mother, aunt, sister, and your mother-in-law for that matter. For a change, say it with gifts this time.

Here we present some wonderful Mother?s Day Gifts to India 2010 ideas for first time mothers, single moms, homemaker moms, working moms, mother-in-laws and for our grandmothers.

Expectant moms

Truly, even a mother-to-be is excited about mother?s Day. Friends, family members and especially the husband should join in the enthusiasm and make the day special for her. In fact all ideal mothers? day gifts ideas are at hand?s reach. So just simply go exploring the online world and shop for some books and CDs on motherhood. Even loose fitting apparels, and other personal care items make for great gifts. Check out some dry fruits, namkeens, chocolates, cakes etc too.

First Time Mothers

Even first time mother's keenly look forward to this day. So husbands chip in and send mothers day flowers to India and give her a big surprise. Check out a piece of gold or diamond jewelry for your wife as well.

Homemaker Moms

Homemaker moms should be pampered a lot more on mother?s day, for many of them have sacrificed the best things in life, especially their careers to give comfort and care to their loved ones. So go ahead and give her a day off in the kitchen by taking her out for dinner. You could even think of presenting her with home furnishing items.

Working Moms

Working moms truly face a tough time juggling responsibilities of home and office. Overwhelm the special women in your life by presenting her some wonderful mother?s day gifts. It could be perfumes, well-designed hand bags, office accessories etc.

Single Moms

Life for a single mom is a bitter pill to swallow. And since her life is centered on her kids, the children should take the initiative to celebrate this occasion with loads of fun and excitement. Even ex-husband?s can chip in and make the day special for her. The idea behind is to make her feel happy and loved.


Indians are basically family oriented people and all Indians know a trick or two as to how to be in the good books of their in-laws. Send mothers day gifts to India by checking out some on-line stores. Opt for something that suits your mother-in-law?s sensibility, like jewelry, hand bags or home furnishings.


Those living in joint families should make it point to honor their grandmother?s on mother?s day for they are the shining light of our families. Check out some personal care products. You could even think of buying her some spiritual books, idols or puja materials.

Is Adsense The Right Choice For You?

Adsense is not some make money overnight scheme , it?s does not take you a lot of money investment, maybe a lot of time if you are really new, but what business doesn?t take you time. Now notice I said business because if you don?t want to treat this like a business then you will never have a shot.

AdSense is great because it links together buyers and sellers. Yes, you have to thank Google for a brilliant idea. They know there are people out there that want to buy stuff and people who want to sell them what they?re interested in. And Google AdSense helps members of the two categories find each what things you should consider before you start your adsense business ?

1. Are you willing to dedicate time to produce content , and not just whatever is on your mind, top quality content that will bring you visitors ?

2. You must be willing to invest money into this after your first check , because no business is going to last without investing time and money . You can invest in a new design, in tracking tools , in traffic . Traffic no matter how you will try to bring it , seo, ppc, banner ads, other payed advertising.

3. Track every little thing you do . If something gets you results, then by all means keep doing it.

4. You don?t want to try and cheat the system ever , even if someday the system is going to cheat you . More on that later.

Now you should a little about pros and cons of Adsense.

Let?s start with the good things first :

AdSense allows webmasters to forget about those worries and concentrate on creating good content for their sites. In fact, the emphasis is now on creating quality content (often associated with the top-paying words) which will bring you many visitors.

It is easily integrated with your website and you don?t need to be a highly skilled webmaster to understand how to insert the code. It can be very easily customized in terms of color, size, position.

You can start and be online by tomorrow if you decide today that adsense is right for you. You just need a hosting account, you take wordpress or whatever cms you want out there , but wordpress is very good , you don?t need to know any html coding, or anything, and there are thousands of themes out there for you to choose.

Now a few things about the CONS of adsense
Well the worst thing it could happen is to have your account closed. It can be closed for a number of reasons : You tried to cheat the system by clicking on your ads , or maybe your competitors are trying to put you out of business. There is another reason why you could get multiple clicks on your ads and that is because the competitor of whoever is advertising on your page,is looking to drive their marketing costs up.

Now the final reason why your account may be closed , is because you really have multiple clicks in your ads, legitimate searches but educated searcher who click more then once because your content is really good and they are genuanly looking for more information. In some markets there really IS so much demand in information that they would click on different ads on different advertisers. But Adsense team won?t understand that no matter how much proof you have. They will ban your account even if the money you earned without frauding them will cost someones life .

They don?t care about that , they don?t look for further proof. SO please be careful what type of niches you put your adsense because some niches will get your account banned because of the high demand in information. The internet users are every day becoming more and more educated , and you can?t stop multiple clicking with any script out there . So there is a risk right here.

But like in any business you will have to choose what type of risk you are willing to take. If you notice multiple clicking on your ads , remove them a day or maybe two, replace them with something else and see if there is multiple clicking there too. But for the most of the times you will find out that the clicks are real users who just want more information , but you will have to find another way to monetize that niche because adsense will ban you without warning and without asking any proof.

So before you try adsense you should choose your market very careful, and if you are willing to put in the effort for a decent website , you will get very nice returns.

Measuring Roi On Social Network

Measuring ROI on social networking channels may seem a bit difficult, especially if you define the current economic return of your activities on social in terms of sales completed.

The truth is that it's very rare to have purchases directly from social media, their current role from a marketing point of view it is not to sell directly to the customer, but to strengthen the corporate brand and increase what in jargon is called Brand reputation.

The best way to measure the success of your brand on social media is through monitoring the number and type of visitors (or followers).

People who usually visit your pages on social media indicators are safer and more useful because they tell you the exact number and the interest there is in the arguments you're dealing with.

Here are the indicators to be monitored in the various Social Media:

Facebook / MySpace: Number of fans / friends, number of comments a day / week / month, number of threads started by fans.

Twitter: Number of Followers qualified, skilled I mean real people and not automated software ..., number of re-tweets.

Blogging: Number of comments, number of users who are registered to your RSS feed, number of incoming links, number of re-tweets.

Forum: Number of new members, number of posts per day, number of new topics per week, number of active members each month.

Video / Photo: Number of visits, number of comments, the indices of display, number of friends or new entries.

All these kinds of interactions can reveal much, not only in terms of numbers. For example, through the comments to your posts in the various channels you can tell if your audience is really interested in what you write.

Moreover, your visitors can provide the necessary feedback to strengthen your brand and build your own personality online. Such information is invaluable for your business and in most cases it may be useful to increase your ROI.

The ultimate goal obviously is to convert your visitors into paying customers. This can only achieve by cultivating relations of trust, respect and admiration with a persuasive communication and "magnetic".

An effective social media strategy to attract, qualify and condition your visitors through the publication of high-quality content. Do not just send a message to the event on twitter, tried to be as original and make a real contribution to the site letting them know that you have something important to say.

You can tell if your content is of quality by the number of your followers or your contacts on Facebook. If you do not leave the field with time you will notice that an increase of these will be followed by an increase in sales conversions.

I really hope that this will serve to grow more and more your business.