Newbie Questions – How Can Article Submissions Help My Website Ranking?

When you launch a website or a new business online, one of the first marketing methods you're bound to hear about is Article Marketing.

You may be confused as to what article marketing is and how it helps your website get more visitors, and if you are you're not alone! There are tons of people who decide to investigate or take part in article marketing every day, and they're basically starting with zero knowledge.

I wanted to share a question that came to me recently, because it is very accurate at representing some of the misunderstandings that are common with beginners. Here it is:

"I design websites for a living, and I am not sure how article marketing can help my client's website get a better search engine ranking. Can you please explain how? Does it work by us publishing free reprint articles on our website?"

That's a fabulous question. First let me clarify that there are two roles in article marketing--the writer and the publisher. The writer creates the content, and then the publisher chooses the content he would like and he publishes it on his site.

Which role are you supposed to take when you use article marketing to market your website so that you can get more website visitors?

You are the writer--you will be writing and submitting articles.

The publisher is someone else--the publisher is not marketing with articles. Rather, he is just looking for quality content to put on his site that he did not have to write.

As the writer, you will be creating articles on the general topic of your website.

You then submit the article to online publishers. In the submission process, you will be asked to create what is called a 'resource box' or 'author bio'. In the resource box you will tell your name, a little about your business, give a link to your website, and also give an incentive for the reader to click that link.

Publishers get to publish your article for free (they do not pay you), but for marketing purposes, the resource box with the information about your business and a link to your website is what you get in return for submitting your article.

The resource box may not seem like a big deal, but it is. In fact, it's the key to getting a better search engine ranking for your website. Each time that your article is republished on a website, the resource box is too. Each time your resource box is published, a link to your website is built.

An increase in links can lead to a better website ranking over time, and that is one of the main reasons why article marketing is so effective. When we talk about "website rankings" what we're referring to is where your website ranks when people do searches for words having to do with your niche (the general topic of your website).

These people who are searching do not need to know about your business or your website. They will simply go to Google because they have a need, and they search for what they are looking for.

Let's say you have a website that sells fashionable accessories for dogs and cats. There are certain words that people in your target market are typing into Google to reach websites that sell dog collars and cat beds and the like. From the website owner's perspective, these phrases are called "keywords". From the search customer's perspective, they are called "search terms".

There are likely lots of different phrases (keywords) that your target readers are using to find websites like yours, and your job is to find out what those phrases are (by doing keyword research) and then use those words in your article submissions.

When you do article marketing correctly, you can effectively boost your website's ranking for those keywords in Google and the other search engines. This is important, because the web pages that appear towards the top of the rankings are clicked the most and therefore receive the most website visitors.

That is how article marketing can help your website get a better search engine ranking, and it's just one of the ways that article marketing can help drive traffic to you website. What is another way? Well, when your article is published on a website, the visitors to that website can read your article and then click the link in your resource box. They will then be taken to your site.

I hope this helps explain things--if you are doing article marketing, then you will be writing and submitting articles. That is how you can impact your website's search engine ranking and get more website visitors.