How To Generate Traffic To Your Site With Squidoo Lens

Squidoo is one of the best social sites around today, it was launched in late 2005 and is in the top 500 websites around the world.

It has boasted a world wide audience since coming on the internet social scene.

Squidoo will not only generate traffic to your site but it will also generate some income for you.

Earning Money From Squidoo

Squidoo is make up of social lenses, there single pages, and you can write about anything you want. A user is identified as a lens master, the more interesting your lens the higher vote it will get thus more exposure.

You earn money on your lenses though advertising the revenue is shared with squidoo, you can make recommendations and link to other site to earn money and your lens is spread over the huge network that squidoo has

How To Write For Squidoo

When writing an article on squidoo it has to be original material that you present otherwise its going to get nowhere.

Start off by introducing yourself and tell people what your lens is going to be about and what your audience can expect from your lens.

When your finished writing your lens and everything looks good with it content wise then leave link at the end inviting people to look at your other articles on another website.


When writing your headline make it stick out from the crowd. Having a good headline will make people want to read further into your lens. Consider adding images to your lens and some video's to grab the attention of your audience.


The best thing about squidoo is that you can post recommendations at the end of your article.

But be careful that when you do that you recommend a good site and not just a sales pitch.

The best thing to do here is recommend your blogs if you have more than one that is great. Then within your blogs will be your affiliate offers.


Use original content and be honest with your content if people get a sniff that your telling them something just to get them to read your piece then there is a good chance that your article won't get read and people won't trust you and therefore won't come back to read your content.

Your Webpage

If your doing blogs make sure that you host them on your own hosted site. This is the best way of getting traffic to your blog and you will have a web address that doesn't look like an affiliate link.

You can use snippets from your website content and you can just put to read more go here or something like that to get people to go to your blog and read more.

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